Thursday, March 19, 2009

Blogging "live" from New Flyer Bus Company in St.Cloud at Vice President Biden's Road to Recovery Town Hall Meeting

In the photo is the stage where Vice President Joe Biden will be conducting today's Town Hall meeting on the economy.

Wow this is about as exciting as it gets, coming in as a runner-up only to President Obama himself!

10:01am, fired up the laptop & wireless internet.

10:33am, I have to say, they are treating media here like total royalty...gotta love it!

The following updates are courtesy of the St.Cloud Times:

*10:26, Biden's plane arrived at the airport. Nine minutes later, Biden
stepped off of the plane.

*10:40, Biden's motorcade left the airport for New Flyer's campus in the
outlying area of St.Cloud, due southeast.

10:47am...I'm thinking, Dude, you sure are a rookie...bringing your own bag of donuts and a water bottle in case I get hungry before/during/after the event... when in fact, they've got all the food I could ask for sitting in our media lounge in the "loft" above the staging area for the Town Hall meeting!

11:31am...Posting video clips, with very cool patriotic music playing in the background, as dignitaries stream in. (i.e.= Walter Mondale)

The fun should begin at any moment...11:36 right now. No sign of VP Biden, however.

I'm thinking, "Man, the White House sure does make a great Chicken Ranch wrap! Mmm Mmm Good."

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