Monday, June 22, 2009

A few funding

Last week Governor Pawlenty put forth one of the most gutless moves ever seen by taxpayers in Minnesota, as he put his stamp on a $1.8 Billion “payment shift” to our K-12 schools. About one month ago he strutted his shoulders and ended the session on his own terms, which at the time looked like a smart and bold move. I was anxious to find out where his cuts would land, but now we can all see he was never sincere that he was really making $2.7 Billion in cuts. It’s nothing more than re-arranging the deck of the Titanic; drastic cuts must be made down the road due to the payment shift, most likely after he is out of the Governor’s office.

With all due respect Governor Pawlenty, what on earth are you afraid of? Why not give the actual cut you said you’d give, instead of pushing it off to your successor? Was your no new taxes mantra nothing more than hot air?

If more funding for K-12 education is truly not necessary, then those who feel that way need to stand up and say point blank "Our teachers are overpaid; school class sizes should increase." Give some straight talk and tell it like it is.

(For the record, I believe that more K-12 funding is needed in this great state we call Minnesota.)

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