Friday, February 19, 2010

Marty Seifert's governor bid is in trouble

A blast from the past, via the Nov. 2, 2006 Star Tribune: Gov. Tim Pawlenty questioned Dutcher's suitability as lieutenant governor.

"The campaign really is a job interview, and she has shown that she's unaware of one of the most important issues and economic tools for all of Greater Minnesota. And that's E85 ethanol," said Pawlenty.

When Marty Seifert introduced his running mate this past week, he flat-out lied to the public by stating that she knows what E-85 is. After reporters actually asked the lieutenant governor candidate (an Anoka County Commissioner) what E-85 is, she promptly flunked out on 3 or 4 questions about ethanol.



this post makes no sense at all as I have no idea what something Judi Dutcher said in the past has to to with Marty Seifert's bid for gov.

Hoffman Tribune said...

Donnellysurfer - is that good enough for ya'? He lied. He could have actually asked his LG running mate beforehand and if she didn't know, he could have filled her in. It wouldn't have been a big deal, but he had to lie about the matter in front of a bunch of reporters. "Pride goeth before the fall," as the Bible says.

Hoffman Tribune said...

Not only that, but as Governor Pawlenty said in October 2006, E-85 is a very important economic development tool for rural Minnesota. It's not something you should lie about if you are a governor candidate.