Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Another issue is off to the printer, excited to get feedback when I return to Hoffman on Thursday!

After a long, hard Tuesday in the office, I managed to pull off another "gem" in my opinion (if I don't count another handful of mistakes I made!)... I already have on my list for my "day off" on Wednesday a phone call to Tory Belgum with the Farm Bureau up in Elbow Lake. I managed to botch his investment ad on the Sports page.

Funny how you can look at a page 18 times and not see a mistake. But if you go back 6 hours later (after it's too late to make changes) a BIG mess-up is staring you right in the face.

I'm settled back at my house in Belgrade, after re-filling my corn/wood pellet stove downstairs. All I can say is Brrrrr!!!!!!

(Time for a good, full night's sleep under a few layers of warm blankets.)

Here's more photos from Monday's snow-moving day...

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