Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"Randy's Ramblings" for February 26, 2009

A very well-attended Commerce and Ag meeting took place last Thursday at Bullfrog’s in Hoffman. I counted 22 on hand when we gathered for the regular February meeting. It’s noteworthy that 12 members of the organization (which totals over 60 businesses) are farmers. This reflects how intertwined the farm economy and small town Main Street are.
HEDA director Muriel Krusemark gave a wonderful update on the business activity going on in Hoffman as of late. She highlighted too many items to give justice to in this short editor’s column. Look for an extended story about the February 19th meeting in next week’s Tribune. Also, Commerce and Ag will be running an “annual statement” of what their organization stands for and how you can become involved, whether you’re a private citizen or a business owner.
I have to say “Hats off” to the staff of Anderson’s Dew Drop Inn, who handled with ease the large turnout for the legislative Town Hall meeting last Friday. I’ll just say that we sure were “cozy” in their meeting room!
Shifting gears...Did you know that insurance giant AIG lost more money in the fourth quarter of 2008 than it had made in the previous three years? While they had their hand out for taxpayer money, 38 executives were rewarded with “retention bonuses” in 2008. Are you kidding me? Only a moron would say that makes sense! As the company was run into the ground, their leaders got bonuses. When will the madness end

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