Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Two important items for Hoffman residents

Horizons Welcome Packets updated
The Ambassador Committee of the Hoffman Horizons is updating the Welcome Packets that will be delivered by the committee to each new family in Hoffman. The Ambassador Committee and Messiah Lutheran Church Committee are working together on this project. If you have not yet responded to Messiah’s previous request and wish to, please contact the HEDA office with your item or brochure. Box 227, Hoffman, 56339, or heda@runestone.net.
New City Website
The city of Hoffman is creating a new website and we need all the info we can from the community. If you are a new business that was not included in the old list of businesses, please contact us so you can be included. The website will be able to link to each business in our community. Please contact janee@runestone.net with your information. Janee Strunk will be creating the website.

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