Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Dairy Crisis is a man-made problem, the driving issue behind it = GREED

According to a study just released on the milk crisis, entitled “Dairy Crisis 2009: A Look Beyond Conventional Analysis,” a great deal of the blame is laid squarely on the big milk companies.

“Dairy markets are run by an oligarchy—a few elite players—with little or no government oversight,” the study said. “As such, the current financial situation provides an opportunistic moment for key players to unduly depress milk prices and reap both profits and market power.”

What the big companies are doing is limiting milk production in America and then turning to foreign companies for milk products like butter, cheese, proteins and casein, which is another dairy-derived protein.

“Butter and other milk fat imports increased by 60 percent in December 2008, compared with December 2007,” the study said. “Cheese imports for December 2008 increased 15 percent over December 2007.”

The upshot is that the nation’s milk and milk products will come from foreign countries almost totally, without any government oversight, while the American dairy farmer fades into the sunset.

Nice, huh?

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