Sunday, November 1, 2009

Additional points to consider on the WCA Levy Vote

Point 1: the school district went to one voting poll, verusus five, to save money. It is an example of how serious they are about doing what's best for property taxpayers. Voting at the high school saves the district at least $4,000.

Point 2: the school district was put behind the 8-ball in May 2006, when it was discovered that the Minnesota Department of Education made a computation error that cost the district over $150,000.

Point 3: WCA is lucky to have the great administrative team that it has - it ranks 163 out of the 182 schools in Minnesota under 1,000 in enrollment for administrative costs.

Point 4: "welfare" programs for a school district do not exist - revenue comes from taxpayers only, expenses are largely through paying teachers. If schools can offer an education they obviously need teachers! *so the school has a huge heating bill? Sorry, there's no "heating fund" to help out. *there's no "food shelf" for a school district in need of more funds.

Point 5: WCA already ranks among the lowest in the area for teacher pay. Their average pay is about $9,000 less per teacher than Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa, a district equal in size and property wealth to WCA.

Point 6: WCA does think outside the box
1) they hired Dr. Cheney at 3 days a week in 2006
2) they studied sharing a superintendent with Morris Area (Morris
turned down the idea)
3) they moved the 5th-6th grade to the Barrett facility, a move that
will save over #370,000 per year *this move was unpopular with
many (short-sighted and un-informed) parents but it will
save taxpayers a large pot of money every year, the district
sided with taxpayers, even though it was an unpopular move at the time
4) they employed an administrative pay freeze last summer, what
other districts have done this? I can't think of one.

Point 7: WCA has been seriously underfunded in the area of special education.
-$380,000 deficit from 2000 to 2006 in special education, something
the school has no control over.

So to those who think "WCA was asleep at the wheel with special education spending" - I have to ask: "Do you think that WCA has a choice as to what kids can enter the district?" Another question: "What is the Christian thing to do with our special education kids?"

The people of West Central Area like to think of themselves as good, Christian folks. I guess I'll find out if that's true or not next Tuesday after the vote is tallied. A good, Christian person would not whine and complain about helping take care of children with disabilities or special needs.

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