Saturday, November 14, 2009

Large turnout for the fourth annual Hoffman Holiday Expo

This was all that was left out of over 180 items that Rachel Persons and her mother-in-law had for sale in the final hour of the Expo.

Below is a scene from the Hoffman Holiday Expo, at Hoffman Square's John Kleinsasser Gymnasium.

The link for a Youtube page, with numerous video clips posted, is =

Below is a photo from John Kleinsasser Gymasium on Saturday afternoon, at the Hoffman Holiday Expo held in Hoffman Square.

Unrelated to the Holiday Expo...the photo below is of a 10-week old kitten, now a pet with the owners of The Corner Store in downtown Hoffman. Today they told me they wanted to find a new home for the kitten, as they already have one cat and don't want another. Contact the Hoffman Tribune office if you want it or know a family who would!

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