Thursday, March 11, 2010

Breaking news - Runestone Auto Care of Kensington is re-opening, with Todd Hyatt happy to resume business in Kensington

Click here to view an online gallery containing a few photos taken just this morning, Thursday March 11.

Look for a full story on Todd's re-opening in the March 25 issue of the Herman-Hoffman Tribune.

Todd's official re-opening date is Monday, March 29. I talked briefly with Todd about his tenure at 3-M (which was enjoyable in his mind) and the desire to come back to Kensington. After some soul-searching, his ties to Kensington won out over 3-M.

Good news for Kensington, for sure!

Another photo album to check out is of Exhaust Pros and Custom Welding of rural Kensington, owned by Lynn Rosdail.

The link to that album is:

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