Thursday, June 10, 2010

Symposium on Small Towns is underway at the University of Minnesota-Morris

Muriel Krusemark is one of the speakers at a morning forum at the UMM Science Auditorium.

University of Minnesota-Morris Chancellor Jacquie Johnson talks about her unique story relating to small towns.

Here is part of Chancellor Johnson's address to the crowd...

"Rural America understands the importance of partnerships. This event today is the result of the willingness of our urban/rural partners to sing that same song with us.

Right here in Morris we have the Green Prairie Alliance, the research triangle. "move over North Carolina"... that triangle.. WCROC and USDA Soils Lab and UMM. A wonderful braintrust for this area.

We are also beginning partnerships with MNSCU. We partner with Minnesota West Technical and Community College on a Biomass Class.

I've spent most of my life as an urban person. My first experience in a small town was Storm Lake, IA.. at Buena Vista. I learned many things about small towns. One thing is that everyone has a small town story. I am amassing my own on multiple levels."

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