Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Congressional candidates to debate at Farmfest - including Lee Byberg and Collin Peterson of the 7th District

Democratic U.S. Rep. Tim Walz and Republican Randy Demmer face off before an audience of farmers on Tuesday.

The two participate in a forum at Farmfest near Redwood Falls with candidates from three other congressional districts.

The 1st District candidates from southern Minnesota are Walz, Demmer and Independence Party candidate Steven Wilson. Walz is running for a third term.

Democratic Rep. Collin Peterson will be there, too. So will 7th District Republican challengers Lee Byberg and Alan Roebke and Independence Party candidate Glen Menze. Peterson heads the House Agriculture Committee and is seeking an 11th term representing western Minnesota.

Republican Reps. Michele Bachmann and John Kline won't attend, but two of their election rivals will. Democrats Tarryl Clark and Shelley Madore are participating.


Dan said...

Lee Byberg still supports a
"humane immigration policy" which is code for amnesty and he also advocates supports a
"revenue neutral carbon tax" which we all know is code for
Cap and Trade.

This guy is not a conservative, he is a moderate who seeks to shield his liberal policy positions behind hokey civics lessons which would be more disturbing if I could stay awake through his whole speal.

Ryan said...

Dan - Get your facts straight before you make comments like that. Have you actually heard Byberg explain his immigration proposal detail? You obviously have not or you would be well-aware that he in no way advocates amnesty or anything remotely close.

Also, do a little research on what a "carbon neutral tax" is. Your statement about that is incorrect as well.

I hope the people who turn out for this election actually take the time to get informed, because the previous post is a great example of what happens when they don't.