Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Herman-Hoffman Tribune Editor's blog has a record number of posts in August

With but a few hours left for me in the month of August, I just noticed that I have over 57 "posts" on this blog during this past month. It's been pure crazy! That's almost two unique blog posts per day in August, when many newspaper editor/reporter blogs barely get one or two updates a month! Starting with the first week of August, when I made the trip south to Farmfest for a governor candidate debate, then two county fairs, updates for the Hoffman Harvest Festival, and finally the Donnelly Threshing Bee.

Then the usual civic and community updates on a weekly basis. I've tried my best to keep readers of the Tribune up to date on what's taking place in our local areas and our region. It's important to have an engaged and informed public, especially during an election season like we are in right now.

Prior to this month, the "busiest" months I've had with this blog were December of 2009 (51 posts), 48 in July of this year, 51 in March of this year, and 49 in October 2009.

I will admit, this blog can be very time consuming when I'm dealing with uploading videos and editing photos. Some of the time this work has come at great sacrifice for family time, which can't be sustained long term. I try to be brief on here and keep the good stuff for my hard copy issues that are published every Wednesday at Quinco Press in Lowry.

At the end of the day, though, a newspaper will not survive - in rural areas or the big cities - without a strong, substantial web presence. Over the next few months, we will be working to make the Herman-Hoffman Tribune more profitable in its internet ventures. I ask that you do whatever you can to help us out, mainly by supporting the businesses who advertise on our website and in our print edition.

Thanks for your interest in the Herman-Hoffman Tribune coverage area!

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