Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What an outrageous flurry of lies from Republicans at today's Medicaid signing by Governor Dayton

Jake McMillan was one of the protesters who spoke at the podium at today's signing of the new Medicaid expansion to help pay for the health care of poor and mentally ill adults in Minnesota. He was the final person to speak in opposition to Governor Dayton's executive order.

McMillan stated that what Governor Dayton was doing, by signing onto the expanded health care coverage, will "destroy our society" or something outrageous like that.

Follow this link to read more on Jake McMillan, who is nothing less than a very deranged and dangerous individual connected to an inflammatory gay-bashing group called "You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International, Inc." based in Annandale, MN.

After following that link, you can watch a video clip of the entire event (Dayton's signing of the Medicaid expansion) for yourself.

It's interesting how childish and rude the Republican protesters were during this event. Just as interesting as it was to hear that idiot talk about his 41 years of V.A. medical care, while in the same breath saying how terrible it is that government has to get involved in health care.

To anyone who thinks that you can turn a blind eye to the uninsured in this country, that it doesn't affect you if you have your own health insurance and pay a premium every month...the joke is on you!, assuming you pay a health insurance premium. Hospitals charge health care providers more than the actual cost of providing health care for the insured, so they can pay for the uninsured. To all Republicans out there, you are already paying for the health care of the poor in this country! It is being done so through the horribly inefficient method of providing health care through our hospital emergency rooms.

I'm tired of the constant lies being told about health care in this country.

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