Sunday, November 23, 2008

67th Annual Minnesota Farmers Union State Convention Wraps up Sunday - Farm Bureau Convention Also Held This Weekend

Senator Amy Klobuchar talks about meat labeling laws, during the convention.
Senator Amy Klobuchar talking about problems on Wall Street during her keynote speech at the Farmers Union state convention.

Senator Amy Klobuchar and Wally Sparby at the MFU Convention on Saturday night, following the banquet. Wally works with Congressman Collin Peterson.

I just finished up my time at the MFU state convention in Minneapolis, MN. I'll begin assembly of the November 27th Thanksgiving issue of the Hoffman Tribune on Monday morning. I'll also be adding information to this blog from the MFU convention, as well as information I've receieved from the Minnesota Farm Bureau Convention, which also took place this weekend.

A event-related... Be sure to block out Saturday morning, December 6th on your calendar. At 9:00am, Santa will be in Kensington for Santa Days and other Christmas celebrations taking place. The information I have from this event shows events running from 8:00 to Noon that Saturday.

Sunday night at 7:00 I'll be glued to Fox on my TV, with the "24 Redemption" show airing. There is no bigger "24" fan than me!

The following is a press release regarding the Minnesota Farm Bureau state convention.

Minnesota Farm Bureau President Addresses Members Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation (MFBF) Kevin Paap addressed Farm Bureau members from Minnesota during the MFBF 90th Annual Meeting on November 22 at the Northland Inn. He reviewed issues that Farm Bureau played a key role in this past year and will continue to work on in 2009. The issues include: eradication, containment and control of bovine Tuberculosis (TB); proposed water permit fee increases; greenhouse gas reduction; implementation of the farm bill; food safety; and continued importance of animal agriculture and renewable fuels. Paap urged Farm Bureau members to connect with their elected officials at the local, state and national levels before they start their work at the Capitol. He also re-emphasize the importance of Farm Bureau’s policy development process. Paap reiterated the importance of communicating with consumers about who we are, and how we raise the food, fiber and fuel they use. “We must strengthen the link between farm families and urban residents to let them know where their food comes from,” said Paap. Paap concluded by asking Farm Bureau’s members to stay rooted in Farm Bureau’s tradition while continuing to cultivate a strong and secure future for agriculture. Minnesota Farm Bureau is the largest general farm organization in the state. Members determine policy through a grassroots process involving the Farm Bureau members in 78 county Farm Bureau units in a formal, democratic process. Through this process, members make their views heard to political leaders, state government officials, special interest groups and the general public. Programs for Young Farmers & Ranchers help develop leadership abilities and improve farm management. Promotion & Education committee members work with programs such as Ag in the Classroom, and safety education for farm children. Farm Bureau is active in a variety of other programs and activities. For more information, contact your county Farm Bureau office.

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