Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Trying out some video on this blog

T.J. Clavin talking about kids watching movies in snowbanks...well, maybe the discussion didn't exactly go that way, but last Thursday's meeting of the Hoffman Commerce and Ag Club was a lively one, for sure. The big items discussed included all the upcoming December events in the Hoffman area.

Be sure to read the November 27th issue of the Hoffman Tribune to learn about some of those events. More will follow on the December 4th issue.

Wrapping up my day at the office now, heading down to Morris. My church in that town, First Lutheran, has a Thanksgiving meal and service tonight. I've been infrequently attending First Lutheran of Morris since leaving that town in 2001.

My home church is East Norway Lake Lutheran Church, of rural New London. I'm one of those hardy Norwegian Lutherans (originating from Sunburg, of all places!)

Happy Thanksgiving, may you spend blessed and quality time with your family. It is my hope that over the Thanksgiving weekend I can update more information on this blog from home (in Belgrade, in case anyone was wondering). The blog itself still isn't everything I want it to be, but hopefully in December I'll have more time to upload photos and video clips for people to check out.

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