Saturday, May 1, 2010

A friend e-mailed me this comment, regarding the Gulf of Mexico environmental disaster caused by British Petroleum's crude oil

"As a friend pointed out, have you ever heard of a major disaster with wind farms or solar panels? I refuse to watch clips of animals covered in oil this time around. It will just make me cry, then really, really mad. I always have to tell myself that I don't hate Republicans, I hate their politics, but things like this make me forget that too often. When people put profits before people and the earth, I get mad."

Here's a story about the corporate malfeasance of British Petroleum:


bob d said...

pretty quiet from the Palin crowd at the moment. where have they gone?

Hoffman Tribune said...

I am raging with anger over what B.P. has done to the ecosystem of the Gulf of Mexico. Where are the "drill baby drill" Republicans now??!!!! Starting with Sarah Palin and then the rest of your brain-numbed right-wingers who think about as far as the nose on your faces! And to all the Democrats who endorse ill-advised Republican ideas, this oil sludge is on your hands too.......... Seriously this is outrageous. Headline = "Document: BP didn't plan for major oil spill; asserted adverse environmental impacts unlikely" Put me in a room with one of their Executives... I'll give them an "adverse impact"!!............Then you have Palin telling Biden during the 2008 VP debate = "You even called drilling -- safe, environmentally-friendly drilling offshore -- as raping the outer continental shelf. There -- with new technology, with tiny footprints even on land, it is safe to drill and we need to do more of that." Palin, what a wonder-dummy.