Friday, July 23, 2010

It's official, WCA will ask voters to increase property taxes at the polls this fall - just as I've been saying all year long

Breaking the regular monthly meeting of the West Central Area school board on Monday night, it was decided that the district will ask taxpayers in November to increase the levy from the current $950 per pupil to $1,370 per pupil. The duration of the levy hike is for five years.

The current levy expires in 2012, and it represents approximately $665,000 in funding for the annual school budget.

The board had asked voters to hike the levy to $1,250 per pupil for a period of 10 years last fall. The final tally was 497 yes to 571 no votes, a narrow defeat of just a few percentage points.

A full story on this written by Chris Ray of the Grant County Herald will appear in the July 29 issue of the Herman-Hoffman Tribune.

My 2 cents: voters should have passed last year's levy hike. By not passing it, even greater pressure will be placed on the passage of this year's referendum and the school's budget will be in a very serious situation if it fails.

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