Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tornado warning in effect for the Hoffman-Kensington-Farwell area

It appears that the area is getting knocked between the eyes from some severe weather - tornado warning is in effect!

Trained weather spotters reported a funnel cloud north of Morris at 5:31pm. This dangerous storm was located 6 miles southwest of Hoffman, or 12 miles north of Morris, moving east at 20 miles per hour. I took this photo from Highway 28 between Cyrus and Starbuck at 5:35pm, facing the direction of Hoffman.

Update at 5:54pm...radar was tracking a severe storm with strong rotation. The most dangerous part of the storm was near Kensington, or over Kensington, and moving east at 15 miles per hour.

Locations in the warning include Alexandria, Glenwood, Lowry, Starbuck, Long Beach, Forada, Sedan, Farwell, Holmes City, Nelson, and Villard.

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