Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tom Emmer - Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire! No, Tom, you cannot "win this issue"

From the Star Tribune:
Emmer has complained that his comments are being misrepresented. He recently told the Republican Jewish Coalition that the press is "not reporting truthfully and honestly and accurately." An Emmer fundraising letter sent Tuesday said, "The adage 'don't believe everything you read in the newspaper' has never been more true."

Bill Walsh, deputy campaign manager for Emmer, said the candidate does not want to cut wages but merely cap server wages in the event of a future minimum wage increase. While the overwhelming majority of states have a tip credit, that is what Emmer meant by a Minnesota tip credit, Walsh said.

Tom Emmer, you are a bald face liar and we in the media will not let you get away with it. Your story has changed so many times in the past week about what you really think about how much money servers and waitresses earn, I think only God knows what you think at this point.

We won't let you off the hook. So if your criticism of the media continues, you haven't seen anything yet.

Click here to tune in live to the town hall meeting with Tom Emmer and servers in St.Paul: Coverage begins at 3:30pm today (Wednesday).

You will need a very good internet connection to hear and watch the town hall meeting.

**Update at 5:26pm...this was reported in the Star Tribune.

Bill Walsh, an Emmer campaign spokesperson, wouldn't say whether he thinks Emmer can, "win the issue." He did say "we've had a bad week" but added that was the media's fault.

Tom Emmer, stop blaming the media when we quote what you say in context and then report it to the public. Stop being a weasel!

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