Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tom Emmer will hold a town hall meeting in Roseville to discuss his idea to lower the minimum wage for servers at bars/restaurants

More information will follow on this today and leading up to the event on Wednesday (July 14).

I am so angry about this idea to bring the minimum wage to $2.13 an hour for servers and waitresses that I have to cool down before I share my opinions in a public forum.

One of Emmer's failed use of logic is this: Compare Fargo to Moorhead, and you can see that Fargo has many more restaurants than Moorhead does. According to Emmer, this is because North Dakota has a lower minimum wage than Minnesota does (for servers) and therefore, Fargo is more attractive to the restaurant industry.

Hmm, let's think about this. Fargo has a population of about 96,000 and Moorhead is at about 36,000. Perhaps the fact that Fargo is 3 times as big as Moorhead has something to do with it having more restaurants?

Tom, why does Alexandria have more restaurants than Glenwood does? Does it have anything to do with population? Just, maybe?

Come on Tom, you are running for Governor of Minnesota. You need to think before you speak!

Here is a link to a commentary page from Don Davis in the Echo Press:

Here is a link to another story, written by a friend of mine who is an accomplished journalist, at her Bluestem Prairie blog:

She has aptly dubbed this whole drama as "Waitergate."

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