Friday, October 29, 2010

In the interest of the public's right to know...

Due to the fact that Grant County is broke (generally speaking), the general election "sample ballot" was not published in our Herman-Hoffman Tribune.

Once the county auditor's office found out what it would cost to publish it in our newspaper, they decided to do only what the state law requires: publish it two times leading up to the general election in the official "county newspaper" - which is the Grant County Herald.

Obviously, my publisher was angry. I am too. Of course, 99% of the blame lies with Governor Pawlenty and the tea party, anti-tax, cut-government-into-oblivion crowd. I don't have ill feelings towards our county auditor - this time, the county budget said "no".

Our phone has been ringing off the hook today with angry seniors who wanted to see the ballot in their Herman-Hoffman Tribune.

The best I can do is have a copy of it in my office (which I do) so people can come down and look at it or get copies.

The dumbing down of America continues...

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ALLEN said...

so you think that instead of trying to cut expenses and make govt more efficient Gov Pawlenty should have gone along with what the DFL legislators proposed and saddled Mn taxpayers with billions of $ in new taxes? I do agree that local governments have been hit harder than they should of in the budget cuts and that the state has not done enough to trim workers and programs or do away with unfunded mandates but I do not believe saddling Minnesotans with a lot of new taxes would help any. also remember that the dfl blocked Gov Pawlenty's attempt to save the sate some money by having his Lt gov serve a dual role. How much can you "soak the rich" before they start fleeing the state for others just take a look at what is happening in Calif where that is already happening. studies have shown that the rich already pay more than others in taxes and many of us have a hard enough paying our bills without having to pay more in taxes. if you are so concerned about voters being informed why did you not simply donate the space to have the ballot published?DETICALIN