Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Republican-leaning Minnesota Forward airs a blatantly false TV ad on Mark Dayton's tax proposals

First of all, I do not agree with Dayton's tax proposal, I feel it goes too far in raising income taxes and his budget ideas do not include enough spending cuts. That, along with Dayton's idea to build a state-sponsored casino at the Mall of America have led me to lean to Tom Horner for the governor race.

With that said, the group Minnesota Forward lies blatantly in a new TV ad. Follow this link to see what Minnesota Public Radio's Poligraph says in a truth test.

A word to the Republicans - try using the truth when you're campaigning, it would be nice to see you turn over a new leaf. If you used the truth, you'd still have plenty of ammunition to battle Mark Dayton in the governor race.

I won't hold my breath, the Republican Party is full of liars who would rather fall over dead than tell the truth in a political debate.

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I feel it is unfair to call republicans liars because of an ad put out by a outside group. remember that neither the emmer campaign or republican party had any thing to do with it. as for liars look no further then pres Ombama who repeatably claimed the new health care law would not pay for abortions which still is a big fat lie because it does.