Monday, October 11, 2010

A very cool yard sign at WCA

Much was discussed at tonight's WCA Levy Referendum meeting at South elementary in Kensington. I thought the turnout was great, considering the meeting butted up against the Vikings-Jets football game kickoff. Roughly 14 members of the public, along with a handful WCA staff members and school board members attended the meeting.

I'm chewing through the information right now.

  • Here's a few points from the meeting, at least what I scribbled on my notepad. (More is being uploaded to Youtube as I type this.)

Superintendent Westby told the group at the levy meeting about the school's three main points on why they are asking for a hike in the levy.
1 - They want to continue offering quality programs.
2 - They want to continue to offer effective grade level configurations and efficient facilities.
3 - They want to continue carrying out WCA's Mission Statement.

The West Central Area Mission Statement is as follows, "The mission of the WCA school district, with the support of our families and communities, is to provide opportunities for all learners that will inspire a passion for educational excellence and life long learning."

Below, Superintendent Westby explains possible areas to cut, as well as the tax impact of the levy referendum.

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