Monday, October 11, 2010

Passing the word on two local political events

First, for those of you living in Pope County, a debate between District 13 candidates Joe Gimse and Larry Rice will be held at 2:30pm tomorrow (Tuesday, Oct 12) at 2:30pm at the Minnewaska Lutheran Home in Starbuck.

Beginning at 10am on Saturday (meeting at Lakeside Ballroom) a door knock on behalf of Larry Rice and Mark Dayton will be held in Glenwood. Also participating is Paul Thissen, one of the candidates who ran for the DFL endorsement last winter/spring.

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there is a forum tomorrow eve in Morris featuring the candidates for dist 11 and 11a beginning at 7pm at the legion in Morris

Lee Byberg will be at detoys in Morris on Oct 22nd from 10-11 am