Saturday, April 24, 2010

First governor's endorsement ballot is in at the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party state convention in Duluth, with Margaret Anderson Kelliher in 1st

Margaret Anderson-Kelliher speaking at the 7th congressional district DFL convention in Fergus Falls on April 10.

The order came in as follows:

1st - Margaret Anderson Kelliher - 27%
2nd - R.T. Rybak - 21.7%
3rd - Paul Thissen - 18.8%
4th - Tom Rukavina - 18.4%
5th - John Marty - 13%

A candidate needs 60% of the delegates to win the DFL nomination.

  • **Update at 6:02pm...
Senator John Marty dropped out after the second ballot. He is addressing the DFL convention crowd right now and thanking his campaign staff and supporters.

Here's the totals after the second ballot was completed:
1,356 total ballots cast, 814 are needed to endorse.

1st- Kelliher, 27.8%
2nd - Rybak - 24.5%
3rd - Thissen - 19.9%
4th - Rukavina - 17.6%
5th - Marty - 10%

**Update late Saturday night...Margaret Anderson-Kelliher won the DFL endorsement.

My 2 cents: in my opinion R.T. Rybak was the best candidate. His track record of cutting the Minneapolis city budget shows he knows how to balance a budget. He's what we need. I know there were unions who planned to campaign openly against him if he won the endorsement, showing that Rybak is not a left-wing radical.

With that said, Anderson-Kelliher is an outstanding candidate as well, but to really gain support across Minnesota she needs to talk about specific ways she will make cuts to the state budget in 2011.

Below Margaret Anderson-Kelliher is addressing a group at Alexandria Technical College on January 9, 2010, in advance of the February 2 local caucuses.

Below are two video clips of Margaret Anderson-Kelliher speaking at the 2010 Minnesota Farmers Union state convention, talking a little about her background and her family's roots on a dairy farm a few miles out of Mankato in the Minnesota River Valley.

You can read her biography at her official website here:

Below, Margaret Anderson-Kelliher tells Republican Tom Emmer (another candidate for Governor) to shut off his CD player during a House of Representatives committee meeting, aided by her "mom hearing".

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