Monday, April 5, 2010

Hoffman City Council wrestles with the tough issue of how to pay for a water tower logo, ultimately forgoes logo and goes with basic design

At tonight's Hoffman City Council meeting, the potential loss of up to $73,000 in state aid funding over the next two years weighed heavily on the minds of council members as they decided against adding a logo to the new water tower. The actual cost of adding one logo would be approximately $3,750. A second logo would add $2500.

A few random facts: For 2010, the city residents of Hoffman will pay a total of $105,000 in property taxes to the city budget. Local Government Aid totaled about $139,000. The state aid figure may drop to as low as $66,000 for 2012.

Here's a video clip that was taken at the beginning of the water tower logo discussion.

More will follow on this in the April 8 issue of the Herman-Hoffman Tribune.

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