Thursday, April 29, 2010

This is an eye opener - and it is scary!

What is this, a scene from Hitler's Germany?

Seriously folks! Who carries their birth certificate with them? Is that an expectation we should have as an American citizen? For the love of God, the guy spoke fluent English with a heavy Spanish accent - and somehow that brings "reasonable suspicion" that he is an illegal immigrant?

My birth certificate is under lock and key at my bank. As were my parents' birth certificates. Why should we be expected to carry our birth certificates with us at all times?

Why, why, why????

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bob d said...

mixed views, one is as bad as the other. The repub's wouldn't put big fines on companies that hire illegals and whitey doesn't want to do the hard work anymore. We're stuck between rock and a hard place. That cheap food is getting more expensive by the day.