Monday, April 12, 2010

Notice from Torrey Westrom

I have joined the effort to keep the Fergus Falls State Dental Clinic from being shut down due to state budget cuts and we are making progress in finding a solution.

The Fergus Falls clinic is one of a handful of state-run dental operations which could be put out of service as the state works to erase its budget deficit. I understand we are in tight economic times, but I believe we have a responsibility to uphold care for these special patients and know there is a way to work this out.

These clinics handle patients with disabilities which require specialized care. Most private dentists are unable to accommodate these patients and, in the Fergus Falls case, this clinic is a rare provider of hospital services required by many of these patients.

We have received assurances that Sen. Linda Berglin is going to carry Senate legislation to keep the Fergus Falls dental clinic operating and I am ready to contribute on the House side. Meetings are continuing as we work toward a funding solution and more information will be available when the fiscal details are ironed out. Area state representatives Bud Nornes and Mark Murdock also are working to find a sustainable, responsible solution.

The Legislature is scheduled to adjourn the third week in May, so we have time to fix this problem. It is an urgent matter, however, because notices are going out to patients explaining this service will no longer be provided. I will keep you posted as things unfold in St. Paul.

State Rep. Torrey Westrom

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