Friday, April 16, 2010

Oh boy... Tea Party official thinks that too many Americans are not being taxed!

While thousands of people rushed to file their taxes Thursday, others used it as a day to rally. One Tea Party protest was in Rochester.

Among the hundreds of people gathered at the Tea Party rally at Soldier's Field was David Razidlo. A father, who says he's looking out for the future of his two sons.

"When you look at the growth of the federal government, the growth of the deficit, I got concerned not just for my sake, but for the children that this can't go on," says Razidlo.

Event organizers geared the rally towards families as they shared their concerns about fairness in taxation.

"Not that we think were necessarily being taxed too much, but that too much of our population is not being taxed," says Rochester Tea Party Chair, Cindy Maves.

...what a sad, sad individual. (My opinion)

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bob d said...

g e, 6 billion in profit, $0.00 in taxes. The republican plan is working. 1/2 the people don't make enough money to pay taxes, don't tax the rich or the companies. I hope you don't have to wonder what is wrong with this picture.