Friday, September 24, 2010

Below, the leading candidate for my endorsement

My comments: The Tom Horner/Jim Mulder ticket is the only team in the race stressing the need for more parent involvement in our children's education. Until we stress that point, everything else is meaningless. We need a governor who will focus on the correct issues, instead of one who will cut education into oblivion or spend our state into a bottomless hole.



I disagree I think the most important thing is respect for life esp the unborn. If you do not everything else is meaningless. education is no good if there are no students to teach or teachers to teach because they have been killed and only Tom Emmer is pro life.

littleguy said...

Emmer's undoing of LGA is not very respectful of our small towns. He's got a long ways to go in the "respect for life" department.


that may be true but killing unborn children does solve anything it only makes mater worse. think about the all the taxpayers that are not around to help support cities with their tax $ and murdering more will just mean less people to share the burden.also remember that it is the legislature that controls the purse strings and can undo any actions of the gov if they wish to.