Thursday, September 16, 2010

Interesting article in the West Central Tribune (Willmar) about drastic cuts and drastic measures at the Montevideo school district

Read the story by clicking here:

My thoughts: Losing 200 students in 10 years is not a big deal considering that is only about a 13% decline. Look at some other districts and you'll see they've gone through worse situations but haven't had to cut extra-curriculars to that level - a very extreme move. MACCRAY - almost 30% decrease in that period down to around 700. Minnewaska, losing 26% or more, down to 1,050 students. West Central Area, going from a high of 1,086 in the late 1990s down to 717 this year (a 34% decline!) .... the schools I just mentioned do not have high school science and math classes enrollments in the upper 30s. Something is not right in Montevideo! What type of raises have they been giving staff the past 2-3 years?

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