Thursday, September 16, 2010

Letter to the Editor

West Central Minnesota Deserves Better. It’s Time for New Representation.

There is no doubt the timing is right for new representation for West CentralM innesota. I just finished reading Torrey Westrom’s four page personal advertisement. This self-serving propaganda is quite concerning if you actually read through it. He talks about helping education, all you have to do is talk to a local educator to find out Torrey has done nothing to help education in Minnesota. In fact, along with Gov. Pawlenty, has burdened nearly every school district in Minnesota with financial hardship. He talks about helping farmers, yet I know of several families that have been negatively impacted by Torrey’s actions. It does not matter to me if there is a D or R alongside someone’s name rather what kind of a job I feel they will do representing the voters and govern in a non-bias, ethical manner. Ask yourself, really, what has Torrey done for West Central Minnesota?

This is why I believe the timing is right to give Bennett Smith, who is running for State Representative of District 11A, a chance to represent the voters of Grant, Douglas and Stevens Counties. We need someone representing us that places the voters’ interests ahead of their own self serving agenda. I have heard comments from people who fear Bennett is too young to be an effective representative. Remember he is the same age as Torrey when he was first elected. It is time for a change in our representation and I feel Bennett’s youth and energy could benefit West Central Minnesota.

I recently had an opportunity to visit with Bennett and was impressed with his knowledge of issues and sincere concern about education and property tax increases. Bennett is excited to go to work for the people of West Central Minnesota and restore integrity to the office of State Representative for District 11A.

A debate has been scheduled between Smith and Westrom for October 7 at 8pm on Prairie Public TV. I would encourage all District 11A voters to watch and decide who you feel should be our representative.

Terry Christenson Ashby, Mn

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