Monday, September 13, 2010

Pope, Grant, and Douglas Minnesota Farmers Union units holds Tri-County meeting at Lakeside in Glenwood

The annual Tri-County Convention was held tonight at Lakeside Ballroom in Glenwood.

Bruce Miller, a 1972 graduate of the University of Minnesota-Morris and current director of membership for MFU, was the keynote speaker. He is in the photo below, giving a very good explanation of Legacy Grant funding in Minnesota, which comes from the recent sales tax increase that voters approved in 2008.

Below, county convention goers talk about an idea to limit the terms of our politicians in Washington, D.C.

Below, the problem with declining enrollments and job opportunities in small towns is discussed.

A number of topics important to the success of Rural Minnesota were discussed. In the short period that I attended the meeting, the following areas of discussion were held - cutting E.P.A. funding, the size and scope of the DNR's power, the pros and cons of term limits, rural areas' aging populations, declining school enrollments, job opportunities in small towns, and Legacy Grant funding.

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